Got a ticket?

It is unfortunate, but every once in a great while, you may be subject to receiving a summons. A summons (ticket) can be issued for various infractions of local City Ordinances as well as violations of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Code (Title 39).

If you have received a summons, you have the following options:

1. You may contest the ticket and plead Not Guilty;
2. You may plead Guilty with an Explanation of the infraction, or
3. You may plead Guilty and pay the fine*

(* In certain cases, “Court Appearance Required” may either be checked off or may appear on the summons. In such cases, you will be required to appear in Court regardless of your plea. You should contact the Court in order to clarify your responsibilities in adjudicating this summons.)

If you decide to plead Not Guilty or Guilty with an Explanation, you may need to appear in court before the Judge to enter your plea. You should follow the instructions on the back of the summons in order to schedule your appearance. You should contact the court at least Seven (7) Days Prior to the date of appearance listed on the summons. You may contact the Hoboken Municipal Court Violations Bureau at 1-201-420-2123

If you decide to plead Guilty, and “Court Appearance Required” has not been checked off or does not appear in the fine area, you may be able to satisfy the summons online.

A link to the New Jersey Municipal Court System has been included on this page for your convenience. You will need the summons number and the license plate of the vehicle the summons was issued to in order to be able to use the system. Please use the link below to access the court web site.

NJ Municipal Courts Direct (NJMCD)

Please Note: The Hoboken Police Department has no connection with the Hoboken Municipal Court and does not adjudicate tickets. This link is provided as a convenience only.